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CalmHer Co.


CalmHer Co. is a platform that caters to the well being of women around the world that focuses on the importance of self care. The products offered, such as: Candles, affirmation mugs, affirmation pillows, and more are designed to help you create a  positive environment for yourself. 

Zakiyrah's Story...

I'm Zakiyrah, Self Care Enthusiast! I birthed CalmHer Co. through this latest season of my life. I've always been a candle lover, but this season, they gave me a new meaning; I began using them for relaxation and meditation. I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and after working through it and going to therapy consistently, my therapist helped me realize the true importance of self care.    

I started carving out time at least two days a week to tend to my personal self-care; this means turning off my phone and/or not allowing people to overtake this time or space. Some things I do are candlelit bubble baths, meditation, spending time with God, taking myself out to eat, going to the movies, getting a massage, going to get a mani/pedi, and the list goes on. 

I'm grateful that self care is a main priority in my life now. Studies show that when you indulge in self care, every aspect of your life can change. 


Learning to choose myself first sometimes, being comfortable with saying no, refueling myself, creating affirmations and creating a lifestyle of peace are some of the most rewarding feelings. My hope is that through my story and the various products we offer, CalmHer Co. will help begin to make self care a priority in YOUR life. 

Zakiyrah Ficklin