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Sweet Reminders: Importance of Self Care

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You're overwhelmed with your schedule. Tasks are piling up at work. You're being pulled in so many different directions with needs from everyone you're connected to. Your life becomes so hectic you start neglecting your tennis lessons, monthly massages, walks at the park, girls brunch, and family time. When you start to get bogged down with life and neglect your "me time" life can get unfavorable. It's so important to make sure you incorporate self care into your life so that you can continue to function properly.  

Benefits of Self Care: 

  • Overload Burnout: We can sometimes get to the point where we are in work mode and don't think we need to rest, or are so hard on ourselves that we push and push then end up feeling like giving up. With adding some self care into your routine, you are less likely to hit that burnout.  
  • Reduces Stress: Stress will take a toll on your mind and your body. Making sure you take care of yourself and have some "me time" will keep stress from taking over your body so that you can function at 100%. 
  • Helps You to Refocus: Sometimes we can over focus on something and need to just get a break from it. Self care will give you the refueling you need and give you the strength you need to refocus on life. 
Sometimes we may feel that if we haven't accomplished what we set out to or haven't been as productive as we should have then we should not reward ourselves with self care activities, but we have to realize that self care is not something that we should be rewarded with, but realize that it should be a part of out life routine. 

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