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Over 50 Self Care Ideas...No Excuses!

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Sometimes we can make all the excuses in the world as to why we can't take time for ourselves. It Can be a little difficult coming up with different self care activities to do, so here is a list that you can take advantage of to get you started on your self care journey. 

1. Candlelit Bubble Bath 

2. Spa Day 

3. Foot Massage

4. Mani/Pedi 

5. Walk in the park

6. Coffee Date with Yourself 

7. Reading a New Book 

8. Taking Yourself out to Dinner 

9. Going to the Movies 

10. Meditating 

11. Turning Your Phone Off and Relaxing 

12. Listening to Music

13. Writing in Your Journal 

14. Comedy Show 

15. Listen to a Podcast

16. Learn Something New

17. Go Volunteer Somewhere 

18. Re arrange your house 

19. Go Shopping 

20. Breathing Techniques 

21. Adult Coloring 

22. Self Love Affirmations 

23. Sip and Paint 

24. Go to a Dance Class 

25. Do Yoga 

26. Go for a Bike Ride 

27. Bake Something Just for Fun 

28. Go Wine Tasting 

29. Do a facial mask 

30. Cooking 

31. Take a vacation 

32. Read a book 

33. Have a picnic 

34. Sleep in a little later and don't feel guilty about it 

35. Declutter an area in your home 

36. Go for a run 

37. Write a love letter to yourself 

38. Start a gratitude jar 

39. Zumba 

40. Deep breathing exercises 

41. Go to a therapy session 

42. Complete a puzzle 

43. Go for a hike 

44. Eat some dark chocolate and watch your favorite tv show 

45. Drink a cup of tea in your favorite tea mug 

46. Go swimming 

47. Go to the river 

48. Go to the museum 

49. Try a new restaurant 

50. Reorganize your closet 

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